Perfekt Story…

Welcome all to the blog…
Deciding to do this has a long tale in itself, ideal for the hours after midnight to tell the 2 or 3 people who will read this.
I’ve resisted blogging for so long…  I’ve always been more about actions than talking, more about breaking records than being opinionated about them.  But I’ve had a bit of a change of perspective.  My life before, for 23 years, was about excelling myself, becoming the best I can be, to show the world when I’m ready exactly what I am and what I can deliver.
I felt, as I touched down at Arlanda Airport, that I was actually different now, I’d made it.  What ‘it’ was, we might come to later, but it was an all-round sense of accomplishment that made me think about the world a little differently, that it might be time to start reflecting, that maybe this blogging thing might actually be the way to sensible now.  Not just as a way to give my opinionated insight in the world to those in the UK and further afield who may want to know, but also to provide me with a new direction, and a new start that I was craving anyway.
Friends were supportive, and the idea has finally come to fruition.  Why – I’m sure you are asking, is it The Perfect Story.  Well, I’m a teacher, so having a personalised blog account was always going to be tricky professionally, so I was looking for the abstract approach.  I wanted one with a big picture, I hope my blog will be worthy of this, and didn’t want it just to have a title that focused on just one thing.  Big picture and all that.
I came up with Perfekt Story after lots of ambitious attempts. – – (Eurovision fans here cringe, non-Eurovision fans cringe even more so), and yes, Perfect Story was tried before the Svenglish, and other things that demonstrated to me what I want this blog to think about.  Everything.  Well not quite, but it’s everything that my life is made up of and is going to be.  That blog, I thought next, would be the perfect story, and this is what we end of with.
It fits for other reasons to, my distinctive blocky yet flowery writing style that annoyed my GCSE English teachers (and probably many examiners too), the way I want to change subject as I pass on the journey, from education to social factors and to existance of the universe to the existance of love.  The perfect story doesn’t exist, no language has enough emotions to show that.  But I want to try.  And this contemplating, this looking back, is actually going forward.  This blog is going to all about those dreams and wishes for a better world in my messed up head, my perfect story.  The big thinking ideas that so few know about I feel are developed and ready for the world to be exposed to.  And there are plenty.  Take the picture up at the moment.  A specially staged election picture that I had thought about before a holiday and taken that goalkeepers top across seas and mountains to take.  And it’s a non-descript yet lovely glacial location in Norway.  But I thought it was perfect.  Or perfect enough anyway.  At least perfect enough for my world.
Peer into my world at your pleasure.
I’ve been listening to:
Father McKenzie – Good Enough –
Saara Aalto – Blessed With Love –

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