Songs of the 2010/11 Season

With the 1st September just past, we have a new era in songs for the Eurovision Song Contest being released.

Why do I love Eurovision, and the music from it so unconditionally?  Well I was not the popular kid at school and I definately revolted against mainstream pop music in the UK as I wasn’t in the ‘in’ crowd.  But I didn’t listen to any music at all, which is really weird.  Especially because my music teacher managed to convince my mum that I should start singing lessons when I was 11.  I am so glad that happened, but I’m still adamant the only reason that conversation took place was because I was keen, not because I was good.

I still didn’t listen to music, or know many of the songs I was singing in lessons.  I discovered Eurovision partly through having to translate the 2003 Spanish entry in class (Beth – Dime, good song), and then from the BBC website in 2004 showing all the entries, and me listening to them over and over – it was the only music I had.

I used the internet to find what I liked, and I fell into acappella groups.  Then when Cosmos got in for Latvia in 2006, it combined two bubbling passions.  I chose to go down the Eurovision route rather than the acappella one in my obsession, I think because I have written the perfect Eurovision song still waiting to get its fair chance to compete, and I’ve never had the chance to do any acappella work.

It also fits me Eurovision.  As a singer, I was trained in Musical Theatre which is all about the big performance, and the huge songs that get the crowd’s attention.  Furthermore, I love countries, and have had a thirst for atlases since I could read.  I’m so competitive also, and I love how this can make music into a competition.  It doesn’t have to be, but quantifying our favourite entries is something somebody like me at least appreciates.  Furthermore, I am ambitious, I do want to do big things in the world and change it.  The beauty of Eurovision, is that you only have three minutes, and it will be your biggest ever performance and it could have that world-changing effect (look at Azerbaijan hosting next year for example).

So that’s why, and all of these things will fit into my music taste.  In no order, here at the top 5 songs from me in the 2010/11 Eurovision Season.

1. Eric Saade – Popular –

What I love about Popular, is just how determined everything about it was to win the contest, the dance routine, the production, the huge glass smash, and the appeal to many demographics (not just the teenage girl vote).  This is a commendable thing.   I didn’t vote for it, I was annoyed at the Swedish selection for fixing it for him to win when they didn’t need to and letting him smash more glass than they knew he would be allowed.  But I have had this in my head at some point every day since I first heard the chorus.  It works, regardless of lyrics, it works.

2. Matti Matt and Elga Bjorg – Eldgos –

All about the volcano causing all the disruption last year, you know you are on to a winner.  But when coupled with two very good volcanos and riffs that really opitimise the turbulent lava dynamics, this would be a worthy composition of any music competittion.

3. Father McKenzie – Good Enough –

A great proper song in the Eurovision.  Lyrics are so much that I can relate to, the structure is so interesting, uplifting and this makes me feel good enough about the world around me.  Every time.  This is a songwriting competition, so many people forget this, and after discovering Tobias and his band, they have a style that I would rate with the very best.

4. Timoteij – Het –

It’s the Timoteij sound, but made into the perfect summer hit.  It’s another optimistic song, and one that always makes me want to do a jig.

5. Nina Lassander – 1 Sista Gang –

This song has played so much in my head when I was struggling with lesson planning last year.  It’s another from Granbacka.  It’s short, but in that time does enough to make you want to break down to in that last chorus.  And my broken Swedish understands it…

One thought on “Songs of the 2010/11 Season

  1. d619rq says:

    Commendable mentions should go to:
    Banjo Laura
    Oh My God (Le Kid – especially the remix)
    In The Club (Danny)
    Coming Home (Sjonni’s Friends)
    Change (Hotel FM)

    and I’m sure many many more….but not Running Scared.

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