Perfect stories need perfect places, right?

I feel this perfection thing needs some short explanation.  Perfect is an emotion, but not to things that are really perfect, instead to things that we can’t find fault with.  It is something without wrong, rather than something that is by nature right.  At least in this physicist world…

The issue of course with perfection, is us as a species.  We’ve developed brain capacity and knowledge that allow to think deeper than we’ve evolved to, evolution has been all about billions of years of survival.  And suddenly we’ve hit utopian thought processes about the existence of the universe, how life itself began and fitting together the jigsaw of life as we know it.  Some would say that we are nowhere near these places, also true, but we have gotten far enough to be proud of it.

It does leave us in dilemma’s though.  Perfection is consigned to us as human beings, and our non-perfect outlook of life.  A perfect girl, is still a girl.  How can be perfection be confined to any living thing, that still has endless evolutions to go through, that is still a process of meiosis when it comes to reproduction and the randomness that plays in making any perfect offspring.

And then how can you make offspring perfect in our non-perfect world?

We can’t, but our evolutionary bodies make us want to believe it is possible, and what a commendable feature that is.

So, having lived in Stockholm for just over a month, is this a Utopia?  I do love the place, it makes me so happy to be here.  And there are things that we attribute to perfection as far as humans can see.  The summer climate is perfect.  Warm, dry, but not unbearable in either quantity.  And I’ve seen so much culture that I’ve appreciated in my month here that it has become a home away from home, and made some great friends and inspirational people in ways I’ve never met before.

There are gripes I want to mention about this place though…

– 1 – I’ve met many an interesting person on train journey’s in the UK.  Not here.  You get the funniest looks for attempting conversation with the random person sitting next to you.  This might be a difference just being in a capital city, but it feels much more than that.  For a society as collectivist as Sweden is the western world, public transport here is purely individualistic.  One never moves to give more space to others, one never gives seats up for others, one never talks to others they don’t know, one never apologises if they bump into you and so on.  It gives an impression of an uncaring society which I know it isn’t, but Sweden is so protective of itself that people barely go outside their comfort zone.  They have this word ‘lagom’ to do with just fitting into society, to blend into the background, that Swedes say opitimises their culture.  I think instead that Swedes are hiding behind this word.

2 – Prices – I know Sweden is an expensive place to live in, but I think they need to get a grip and move on with some things.  They seem so inefficient in how they shop (I never thought I would miss a Tesco) and I have no issue with monopoly’s, if they are fair.  Systembolaget is reasonably fair, the alcohol prices are high but fairly so.  Paracetamol should not be 1000% the UK price though, and so on.  Some things are good here though.  My free school lunches mean I’m barely eating for the rest of the day, and my swimming membership is definately competitive.

3 – Banks.  Banks open 10-3 Mon to Fri.  As a teacher, this doesn’t work.  Useless.  And they are all the same.

And maybe that’s it.  For now…I love it here.  And I guess that leads to another question, is love a perfect thought.  Anyway we’re moving away from the point.  I could possibly add in the long, dark, sub-zero winters but given how much Swedes moan about the weather and how cold it is now – I don’t believe them.

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