Värfor jag prata inte i svenska på blog?

En liten fråga, värfor jag prata inte svenska på mitt blog.  Svenska är en liten svårt för mig, och jag måste talar i engelska i mitt jobb, men jag kan skriva bra i svenska, och du kan förstå mig jag tror…eller jag hoppas….

I find writing this something that I’ve wanted to write about for a while but actually I’ve not been that inspired to do so recently.  When I first came here, I have long overdue thanks to a lovely family for letting me crash (that’s a good word for it too) in their living room for more than three weeks while I had the joys of navigating Stockholm and the apparent lack of a rental market of any sorts. 

While there, speaking Swedish was something I tried, I failed, I was vaguely understood but I think I was improving.  When I went to the bank at first, we quickly switched to English.  Now, Swedish is the norm unless there is something really a problem (I need a bank trip this week, but haven’t had to go for a whole month now!!!).

However, I am using Swedish so much less than I ever was before.  This has got to the stage now where I turn on the television and I rarely watch anything that’s not sport in Swedish.  I’ve turned off from the language in a proper way, unless I’m really concentrating, my daily life needs it much less than I would think is healthy.

I also think I’ve delegated learning Swedish away from me.  I have the joys of signing up for the simplistically named Swedish for Immigrants courses at the local education centre.  My interview for that is week 44 (that’s two weeks time – half term!).  Since I signed up for that, I think in my head that I’ve decided just to wait for the outcome of that, rather than use my own initiative.  I’ve been busy enough, so I’m not complaining, but it feels like I’ve taken a burden off my shoulders.  I know I am a visual learner, and I have a great idea of post it noting new words around my flat.  Haven’t been bothered enough to care.  That is sad (although, seeing the state of mess my flat is in, probably a good thing).

There are social problems to do with this as well.  I invited all my new neighbours around when I moved in to say hello.  Few came, it’s a very unswedish thing to talk to people you don’t know and they need to man up about this I think.  Anyway, I heard some didn’t come because my invitation was not in perfect Swedish so they didn’t come, as they don’t speak English.  Rubbish for them, we can be awkward together – why turn down some free food???  And who have I made closest friends with?  The Californian couple on the top floor, as they get hospitality.

There is also the slight issue of having English as that first language.  Not only will most have it to a perfectly functional degree at worse, but, especially if they are pretty girls, they will love to practice.  Not that I am complaining, after all, I am the quintessential English gentleman in this circumstance (this is the only thing I’ll claim positive about ‘Englishness’ – James Bond did wonders for foreign women it seems).

But all this comes back to why I don’t speak in Swedish on here.  Well, all of this matters, because even though I can speak in it, think in it, write in it, play in it, sing in it (Vote for Jag Kommer Ut för Schlager i Eurovision!) – it doesn’t belong to me.  My big ideas are still those I think about in the English language, and they are the ones about that I want you all to know about.  It’s nothing to do with writing in a language you all understand, I’m sure you can use google translate to get the gist (which is probably as much sense as I make from time to time).

See, I’m coming home for Christmas.  I love it here – it is getting colder but it is not hats and gloves weather like the Swedes seem to make it out to be.  They also need to man up about this.  Sweden isn’t home yet, as the Swedes want more to come into my world rather than invite me into their’s.

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