Lots of thinking for a Saturday evening…

Just my quick thoughts here.  I’ve just been out for a late evening run.  I’ve not been on a good run since moving, which is a shame because I am so close to some great running space by the waterside.  I did a good 15-20 mins worth which was more than I expected, just enough to work a good sweat.

Anyway, as I stopped I had a little pause and a think.  I’d passed a few people on my run around, a few teens hanging as amicable as any humans would by the shopping centre, but generally it is quiet.  Eerily quiet.

It’s a Saturday night at 10:00p.m.  I count the numbers of the storeys on the flats around me.  8, 9, 10 storeys high.  On both sides, and down the next street.  I stop.  There’s a man walking behind me who goes past.  I notice that a car comes past me on the road, the fact I notice startles me.  I look around, lights are on, but it’s like no one’s home.  You can see TV’s flicker, but there’s not a drop of sound.

I consider this, because surely somebody, somewhere here must be having a good time tonight, and they weren’t at the near-empty local pub (of sorts).

Has Sweden hibernated already (given their wimpish nature to the ‘cold’ October with hats and gloves, I wouldn’t be surprised)?

But whatever it is, silence.  And then I think a few things out.  I’ve never been a city boy, so I’ve made an assumption that they should have a bit of noise about them.  My only experience of high-density living was in university which should be party central.  And the demographics.  This is an older person area.  And then I think to my street at home, and it is similarly quiet and people do just stay in.

Or of course, it could just be the super-insulated triple glazed windows we all have.

This is all just a thought about society.  Draw your own conclusion.  Mine is that Sweden is a place set up for families, which I will discuss later.

Lots of thinking for a Saturday evening…

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