That’s what friends are for…

Dear blog,

What are friends for?  Let me tell you.  Friends are there for making your apartment a complete mess, for complaining at your cooking when they refuse to do any, for making you spend money you never know you shouldn’t and you know isn’t worthwhile.  Friends are for the times you realise you don’t see eye to eye and you say each other are rude and disrespectful.  Friends are for the times when tell let silly in-jokes go too far and make you feel awkward.

Friends are for the common collective sense of achievement when you make a difference to the world around.  Friends are for the times when you find irony in the worst things to make them passable.  Friends are there for even if not sharing your interest, sharing your enjoyment of it.  Friends are for making it possible for you to dance with the prettiest girl you know IN THE CLUB, THE CLUB, Oh oh, IN THE CLUB, THE CLUB, oh oh, IN THE CLUB….  Friends are for making sure you would feel popular enough to traipse across land and sea and Ryanair for.

Sufficiency is great, but friends make you realise you are not living the lågom dream; you are a person who thinks and believes and should make a difference.   The only meaning of life we know for certain is that we need to live, and live together.  No one man survives alone.  It’s reminded me to ask myself why I do each thing I do, and make sure it answers this.  If all politics and all science had to relate to this undisputable goal, the world would be a happier, and more productive place.

That’s what friends are for….

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