November Eurovision excitement

Joksimovic back on the Eurovision stage, with his own song.  He is one of the greatest songwriters I have ever heard, and I really hope he always has the song planned to a fine detail and he is not doing a Dino Merlin where he ends up singing a song with as much lyrical integrity as the alphabet.  Dino and Merlin collaborated on this which I would argue is my favourite song ever…

Alexander Rybak got the cute vote (and probably some of the gay vote too), he got the Nordic vote, he got the Baltic vote and the Russian vote.  But he also got the journalists vote, the songwriters vote, the jury vote…it was an entry deserving of receiving the first 12 points of the night and from there not stopping on the way to the record total.

Gosh I admire his songwriting style.  I love some of my songs and what they do, but I know only the simplest of music theories and do ponder every time if there is something more I can do, and I hear people like him and am reminded of yes.  I also on this note have to say bravo to the Home Composed Song Contest for really showing some of the technical skills even amateur composers can have nowadays and am still humming some songs along myself.  Sandra Broström gets a mention for making me smile too.  Her music here is experimental and themed – but I haven’t heard compositions like it since my schooldays and it made me smile and I’m glad to have met her for that alone (although it would be cool to meet again too!).

Rybak is young in music from a composition perspective, and I love how his work has been so varied, it’s not all the same thing each time and although there is a unique style, it feels like when listening I can tell that some things work better than others and even he knows that.  I remember hearing that he was advised before entering the Norwegian Eurovision selection to take out the oompa beat from Fairytale and he completely refused.  He knew it was perfect the way it was and I so admire that.  He was right to comment and be surprised that so few of his fellow Eurovision artists had written their own song.

When the announcement came out of the composers for Melodifestivalen this year, oh how I giggled and all the names and the anticipation from them.  Yes I understand the need to get a good (or at least competent) singer behind them (although I would never describe Jedward as good but they held the tune perfectly ok in fact with some help, which was enough), but the singer would still be the puppet on a string the composer is playing (or for that matter, plucking).  The composer and their style are what gives every song the unique flavor and although I do have my favourite artists too, the loyalty some Eurovision fans give to them is staggeringly misguided.  Poor Yohanna this year did not deserve the Icelandic ticket to Dusseldorf.  Not because of her (although she was prettier in 2009) but because the song was not good enough for the stage.  Dino Merlin should be able to score a very high result in Eurovision, but he needs a big song too to deserve that from me.

And this really frustrates me, because we only see the artists, not the composer, and we associate them to the music rather than the songwriter which is culturally the wrong way around.  I have voted for a Joksimovic-composed Eurovision entry before, and I expect there to be far more chance of me voting for this one than for any of the other songs that I’ve heard around the Eurovision circuit already this year.

But he is going to have to earn it and give me the show stopper he has been capable of before.

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