A simple time of year

Usually, I have work for myself on the computer for my two buses and a tram journey home, but today I haven’t done that.  This annoys me, but I shouldn’t worry too much about it, yes my workload is high but manageable, and I don’t think much of the work could be done on the move anyway.

So, of course, this is perfect blog writing time, but I haven’t really planned a topic so I am just going to write and see where it takes me.  I could comment a little about Christmas, after all it is fast approaching and the Christmas markets in town are already full of tourist trap cuteness a plenty.

I think it’s important for any society to have celebration time, for the sake of it if nothing more, so yes we should of all ideas and beliefs go ahead and let a festive season consume our souls.  Teaching a lesson about the start and end of the universe today reminds us all of how futile live can be, but also how lucky we are to make it and be able to write self-gratifying blogs that about 20 people read (I’ve seen the stats!).

It is good that it means different things to different people, and in the dark (although not snowy) winter months here in Sweden I can perfectly see the rationale for any society that has ever existed marking those times in a special way.

I come back to the UK on the 22nd.  I am looking forward to it, but it’s just a thing.  I am glad to be spending the time with family, but I’m not craving it yet, just looking forward to the time I will have.  It’s a time when I will not have any marking to do, pupils to look after, lessons to plan, and it should be spent with celebration.

I realise I’ve not really written anything thought-provoking here, which kind of frustrates me but doesn’t.  I am a little tired, and I realise there probably is not enough to talk about this for.  I have 3.5 weeks left, the countdown is on, and I look forward to making it out the other end.

Sometimes, the world can be simple.  Embrace the simple pleasures we give each other to warm us up when the snow finally arrives…

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