Why I want to know how many read my blog

My last blog post ‘Jag Kommer Ut,’ myself and Alison thought would attract a huge barrage of people viewing it.  In fact more people viewed the blog ‘I Almost Joined the Greens’ by a considerable margin, and even more people viewed the one that said ‘I Want Babies!’

There are obviously, numerous reasons for this, the literal translation of Jag Kommer Ut may appear obvious to us passionate MF viewers and Swedes, but as most readers I am aware of in my blog are English language readers only, that’s obviously not going to be the case.   Another reason could be that perhaps it is a lot less interesting than my views on families or politics.  Perhaps as well it could be as simple as everybody who usually reads my blog missed it on facebook.

But regardless of how and why, I was checking the statistics feverishly, waiting for the expected jump in views to possibly reach hundreds, which it didn’t.

I love statistics for everything I do and have done.  The scoreboard at Eurovision makes the most interesting reading, and although it isn’t as some claim the most exciting part of the show, it definitely does fascinate me when those first votes come in, which are predictable and which aren’t.  When I was in charge of Student Union democracy, I was on hourly updates minimum on our voting statistics, that would say where, when and which demographic our voters were coming from.  After the voting window was open for seven hours, and turnout was predicted at 100%, I was in a mood so self-gratifying that we’d finally cracked it this blog doesn’t come even close.  That turnout eventually reached a plateau at 25%, but still a new record (25% is very respectable in Student Union politics, especially at an inactive union like Durham was).  When I released my video of performing Popular from Christmas, I had a feeling it would go viral.  It did, and pupils at the school passed it around each other and to their close friends.  I was watching the stats go up and up all the time, fascinated at the vast array of countries where it was viewed (and noticing from that many students took Christmas vacations in Thailand).  It stopped there, and is now over 2,000 respectable views, but not enough for the stardom I perhaps not so secretly crave (another blog post I think).

Statistics has always though been a fascination.  I loved to look at fact books ever since I was a little boy, turning down fiction as soon as I knew it wasn’t real and I’d rather immerse myself in a book revealing who the top 10 coal producing regions of the Earth, or the results of every European Champions League final.  I got an A* in Statistics a year early for my GCSE’s, the only one in my school to get the A*.  I love and enjoyed working it out, and what it told me about things.  Sadly for statistics as a subject, it wasn’t quite as fun at A Level or University, and I don’t do it really any more, except for thinking of it in a Eurovision context (when, I must say, I think fans over use the statistics by trying to put everything into groups which really don’t exist).

But I think these experiences still mean that I get far more excited than anybody else would when seeing the statistics that I actually effect myself.  My blog reading is fascinating to see.  My most viewed blog, by a long, long way, was the one written about my old football team, the infamous E Legion.  Those about Eurovision, or with Swedish titles, have received fewer views.

What really prompted me to write this blog post though, was me watching some BBC video clips after work a few nights ago (that is usually on as I eat my dinner most nights, so routine I need to get out of it!).  It was of a young blogger who made it big in the fashion world, who claimed she’s never looked at her statistics.  I couldn’t bear that thought; the statistics are such an extra part of the fun to me that I need them to be there.  I need to know if I’ve managed to write or make a video that has given me the 15 minutes of fame (that will hopefully be the song that wins the MF semi, the final, the Eurovision Semi, the Final and then with the reprise, but we can but dream…).   I have a blog like this to let you know how you think about my world, to give me chance to say my piece that you may listen to if you wish.  However, to know who those in the world who want to listen to that is important.  I want to plan my life around others.  The best critics will always be the viewers, even if they will be the ones who understand least.

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