The 8 minute blog

8 minutes from T-centralen to Västra Skogen.


Here I go.


What to write about.  Or type.  I can’t write, I’m a physicist.  I’m also unable to stop thinking about myself being ‘on the sprectrum’ as I thought before.

That’s cool, but it makes me very certain of things.  And very much having to be my way to be involved.

Like I don’t even know how I do it, but in meeting new people I do manage to make every conversation about the Eurovision. 

This is good.

Leaving Rådhuset.

I need this as my discussion point – it is something everybody has an interest in – even if that interest is to mock it.  Football doesn’t even come close to it in a country like this – that is too gender divisive – even in one with good established women’s football like Sweden. 


Right I’m half way, need to think of something constructive to type about.  And I can’t really do it.  No body really interesting on my tunnelbana.  Generic attractive female on the poster advertising swimwear.  No good schlager names on the Åhlens sale this week.

Statshagen – crap I’m next stop.

Oh well, it’s been good.

It’s Easter this week – hope that I’m able to make good use of it and I can plan accordingly to have something good then.  Just to make the most of the time to concise each and every thought and have a game plan for the coming months.

And have rooms booked for MFKlubben in my perpetual challenge.  Can’t believe how hard it is – and really I respect now how different this was at university.

Nästa Västra Skogen.

Have a lovely evening all


Ben xx

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