In The Bag

Time 20:38

Location: On bus north of Danderyd Sjukhus

Location of thoughts: Baku

Location of marking: In the bag

And in the bag it will remain, I have to confess to being tired and hungry and although I know I should be getting that out and squeezing marking 2 or 3 lab reports on the bus journeys home, there is so little frame of mind to do so.

I’ve been productive enough tonight, I’ve got my Year 6 lab all planned to a perfection and printed all my resources for this week (sounds impressive, but I’m only here three days in school this week – holidays Thursday and Friday here), as well as all the marking criteria checklist and comment boxes that I’ve made.  So everything is planned and ready to go, and usually that would annoy me but I will take it for tonight.

I also, of course, got through all the videos of the rehearsals from semi final 1, and may be putting some outside bet money on San Marino to make the final – it is fun.  And Greece is looking more and more shaky drawn no. 3.

You should all possibly note that I just completely forgot to get off the bus just now.  Thankfully this one terminated at Danderyd so no disaster created.

One thing I am definitely going to investigate over the summer is a method of online testing for my students.  Cut down on all that marking – and have all the results in easy to store Excel files.  I find marking so unrewarding, my feedback so underutilised and my explanations generally under-developed to the point that I lose too many kids along the way with what my vision is.  It downright depresses me.  I know I am good at what I do here, and I get told I am a great and amazing teacher often, but I look at my colleagues and they almost all have skills and abilities I wish I had, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to achieve them – my niches and strengths I would argue are mainly outside the classroom.

There aren’t many more times I’ll be getting on the bus through Solna in the future, with the plan to be to move up near school next month I hope.  It does remind me though now of how I haven’t actually written about my trips last week to a Olympic Stadium and a World Cup Final Stadium to watch professional sport.  And football at that, including a Stockholm derby.  Super super fun and atmosphere was different to what I know.  They should do proper pies at half time though.  So intense and so focused.  In the UK, the big fans starting the chants etc are always at the back of the stand.  In Sweden, they are infront, urging you to give more and more.  Which is great, what better way for a person who doesn’t understand Swedish 100% to join in?  Although some of the action in the match you do miss because you are distracted.

And anyway, now I’m home.  Via a tunnelbana and an awkward conversation involving being offered a ‘very good’ price on a flat because ‘I speak English so well.’  Great.  Well if you think my English is so good then you are as deluded as I am about the world creepy old man (although conversation was appreciated however weird).

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