Summer 2012: To Do List

Hello blog readers,

I feel a little lost without work, without having to worry about marking and planning lessons.  Thankfully this is a gap that has been filled with the Euro 2012.  I have not watched anywhere near as much football as my youth over the last couple of years, but I’m certainly enjoying the freedom to do so at the moment.

However this is not going to last forever, and I want to plan my summer and make sure I do the most I can with it.

There has been a journey to get to this point, and some planning already made, which is all rather exciting anyway so you had all better know.

School for the kids finishes tomorrow, and then we are sorting out things for the next year for another week.  I am sure it’s something most new teachers feel, but I am going to be a little lost without them.  I like the people I work with and my mentor students are a big part of that.  Even when term dies at university doesn’t compare, because you don’t have social networks (oh oh uh oh oh) to communicate with throughout – even though you work for them, it differs from all the other experiences I have had before when you work so closely with people.  But then, the age difference is greater…

Anyway I way digressed.  I fly back as soon as I finish school, have a night to crash in London (may have to do some museum-ing in the morning) and then I go up to the university Awards Dinner which I am sure won’t be amazing as when I organized it the way I liked it, but I am hoping it will be a pleasant surprise.  I get to spend a couple of days in Durham where hopefully I will get bored of my little university city.  However I am sure it will be fun too.

Then I get myself down to Sheffield, and then the day after join the lovely lSYat a wedding after going back to London.  I need to find out the names of the people getting married etc, but this will finally break the odd fact of having not been to a wedding, christening, funeral or any such important personal event of people’s lives.

Then I am going back to Sheffield.  And there the planning for the summer stops.  The aim was to go back to Sweden fairly quick and do some work at summer camps here, but I didn’t get anything.  Would think my background would fit this, would be interesting if my lack of Swedish fluency was a barrier or not.

So here – here is the planning and to do list of making this a great and worthwhile summer.

1)      Volunteer (or work – but volunteering is fine) something that is useful to put on the CV.

I’ve already emailed both the Student Unions in Sheffield about helping them with organisation during the summer months.  I haven’t heard back which is never positive, but of course I will probe more directly when I can.  I am sure I can even do the most basic tasks of clearing, sorting, filling envelopes etc. that they have to do often in July.  Plus, moving into Student Union work is something I would love to do if I moved back to the UK, so I would be interested in more experience in it.  Ideally in a union far superior to Durham’s.

Alternatively, working with children, doing something fun.  Like playwork or other activities.  Something I can dip into quite naturally during the day and enjoy.

2)      Plan a holiday worthy enough of telling a story about when people ask me what I did in the summer

There is a vague plan of action for this, but it needs a bit of work.  Maybe around the start of August, we are thinking of heading around the Stockholm archipelago.  Lovely lovely lovely.  However, to appease my boredom of needing to do things all the time and get the most out of a holiday, the plan is to do so in a kayak, so we can just paddle somewhere if I get fed up.  How marvelously fun.  Now, there are big issues and headaches in my head about this plan, as it is relying on carrying loads of supplies with us and the logistics of camping on uninhabited Swedish islands, but it is definitely worth giving it a go.

3)      Get entering Melodifestivalen

I promised I would do this, and actually a have a few people who have offered me recording studio space in Stockholm to record it, and then people who say they know producers etc.  I have to do this if I do anything this year, but gosh am I scared, I find it such a difficult experience and I don’t know about  producing at all – the vision for my songs I know, but don’t know how to put on paper, never mind to find the right sounds I mean.  But I need to get this out of my system, and who knows.

4)      The annual get fitter routine

I’m in reasonably good shape now, but I was fitter and more power-packed earlier on this year when I got to swim 2 or 3 times a week.  I’m sure I’ll be fitting in running and dancing, exercise biking, tennis matches and wii fit-ness in my free time at home for two or three weeks.  I might even eat better, but I can’t guarantee that there.

5)      Find somewhere proper to live

I’ve just moved in to renting out the living room of a flat in Täby, it’s cool, but not a long-term solution for either of us.

I do have enough money to buy – not much – but enough, which I may consider at the start of next year.  Buying or renting here in Sweden, I need some proper decent space in a decent location to host people going to the Friends Arena in May.

6)      Set up my latest teaching innovation

This year, it was the YouTube channel, where making videos to help with revision etc  (etc. including this:

However, this is just a gimmick, and I want to set up a type of online testing for pupils for next year.  I can use this to generate weekly tests – and ones that give immediate feedback and therefore don’t require long time marking from me.  Plus, how cool and innovative is that.  The internet’s strength nowadays is in immediate feedback, not in user-generated content, and I should get that on my agenda to truly work in the 21st century.

And that will do for now, but I am sure it is a list to make bigger, which I will do if it comes to me.

I will review this on the 19th August before school begins with some ideas.  Of course, the great teacher I am, all of these goals and targets actually need to be something measureable, so I can’t be subjective, I will need to generate actual data to prove I did it.


One thought on “Summer 2012: To Do List

  1. d619rq says:

    Ooh I thought of two more!

    Some co-ordinated, serious learning of Swedish
    Find myself a keyboard and wander the streets of Stockholm for a few days with a chord book of my favourite songs, nice weather and plenty of rechargeable batteries.

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