So close to the waterline

I made it.  Through the school holiday without feeling it has all been for nothing.

I am excited to be back, ready to rumble and to do an absolutely cracking job for some inspirational young people.          Yes, Stockholm is nicer than County Durham mining villages, and yes there is a difference in motivation, however some of these young people possess the healthy caring and ambition that I certainly want the 21st century to be remembered for.

You may find on facebook (I assume everybody reading this knows me on there – if not – kudos to you – get in touch!) photos of my holiday around the archipelago in a kayak.  It was a wonderful idea dare I say so myself to take the opportunity to witness such a special landscape and unique type of wilderness and wonder. I’ve never camped before, and it wasn’t great, but wasn’t a problem at all when you woke up in such beautiful locations.  The whole trip was an emotional rollercoaster, morale fluctuating from the high moments with the sun out shining and the kayak seemingly floating across island to island, to the tough times when we got cold or wet or lost or unable to find anywhere to camp or anything like that from one moment to the other.  I’m still holding a really annoying bout of prickly heat at the moment which I really hope goes away soon.

It’s ticks off definitely though one of my key aims of the holiday to go and do something worth telling about.  At least I hope I can do it justice.   I can tick off volunteering too – and I hope that the South Yorkshire Energy Centre has made use of the interactive displays I made for them.  I can tick off being fitter, mainly though it must be said for the kayaking, which has helped make press ups easier than ever before.  My Swedish feels better than before, although it’s still not great and I do not understand some of my friends, I can get away with it more and more.  Playing music around Stockholm is fun and I’m looking forward to it continuing.

There are two big uh oh’s though on the list.

I need a new apartment faster than we all expected, I’m moving out on 1st September.  There are no bad feelings at all about this (I am the unlucky one who is last to find somewhere new to live), but certainly wasn’t in the life plan.  It means that my priority is to find somewhere short term to survive in again, and try and regroup and work out accommodation properly.  So it’ll be back on the dodgy rental websites for most of this week, refreshing pages repeatedly.  It’s the way it goes in this city; it does need to have some downsides after all… 

An arguably bigger uh oh is one that is very important, and would break my own promise if it doesn’t work out.  I need to enter Melodifestivalen.  And give it my best shot.  And if that falls through it will be ok.  I am relying on other kind souls who are looking to help me out with recording and the like, who actually ensure that it would be my best shot.  Maybe it’s my time to be proactive; after all, fortune favours the brave in these things.

Fingers crossed for those two things above to come into fruition.  I’m looking forward to life hitting me again at 100 mph.  People in Stockholm – I’d love to see you all know things are settled down in the city.  I though, am not going to be settled for a long time, so make sure you find me rather than the other way around – I’ll have much to do!

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