Slightly more power in my hands

Dearest loveliest Santa this year has supplied me with the new toy I am typing this post on, a kindle fire. I’m regretting this decision immediately, the keyboard on this thing is too fiddly to type on, and not just for being too small. The amount of times that I have pushed the page back button when I mean to backspace being the main drag in the design functionally, only seconded by the reloading of pages in the book store each time you switch search options.

However that book store itself has been a fascinating revelation. Flicking through the free books section in all variety of topics dear to my heart and I have delivered twenty homework-marking-putting-off-inducing titles to go through for my leisure. Reading is something I don’t do enough of, mainly as I’ve never really found it easy to find what I am looking for.  I’ve never ever been a fiction fan, and my childhood was spent with a fascination of the world atlas and fact books. Nowadays I’m ideally looking for political commentaries looking forward to the uncertainties of decision making in the troubled near future humanity is going to face.

However all of this inspired me. Many people dream of, or aspire to, write a book. And clicking through the Amazon store and seeing nowadays how the downloads have, refreshingly, first time amateurs side-by-side with seasoned professionals.

That’s one thing I love about Eurovision, and indeed the modern age in general. We talk through politics about equality, about providing opportunities fit for all to succeed, and the ability the internet provides to do that is second to none. Anybody can try anything, and you more than often will flop as the nobody, but being able to try and having the hurdles of publication removed creates a beautiful world where choice is in the hands of the seven billion and not the chosen few. It is something inconceivable to the thinkers of yesteryear, but something all would embrace if they could all imagine.

To write would be to akin to songwriting for me. I want that one shot when I get it right and I get some fame and glory from it all. But it’s no real career move, or ambition. I’ve always wanted that chance to do something that people think is really good. It’s that simple. The fame and recognition of being good is more than any monetary value can be for the smile on my face.

But then, the query would be what to write about, especially when trying to consider how to control the splurging writing style I have.  The Eurovision market is probably saturated, and maybe it would be unhealthy to investigate it further. However my favourite thing is to try and see how the things can change in the future, and that does excite me. I could attempt the same for politics, but think I don’t know enough. Similarly I could see if I can create a novel, but doubt I would have the knack of that to do it.  I could use this to have an excuse for a journey and to write about it, but, well, that just doesn’t feel right.

But a couple of hours on Christmas day were spent quietly in bed on my own flicking through the books online thinking that I could have a go too. This has inspired me and frankly should inspire everybody on the planet. The ambitious kids I teach should all have a go, now, as this is not a skill wasted but a skill learned, developed, enjoyed by self and by all. We need a world that continues to make creative culture free to all to truly find the very best on our lonely planet.

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