Sambo De Amigo

She lives with me.

And so far this is so good.

Firstly, can I chatter away at how amazing she actually is?  She is so selfless and helpful and knows how to make me happy.  She is good at the things I am not.  She is proactive in her time and surprises me each day in what she is able to do.

Yes I’m working the longer week, but already she’s got me worried about what I am doing.  She does do more housework and more cooking, I am tired and she looks after me.  Nice, and I am so grateful, but it has to be the other way sometimes too.  I think, despite the horrible pile of marking, I am going to have to go through this upcoming half term holiday ensuring that I fuss over her a little bit.  Thank her for creating almost all the IKEA furniture and sorting out the recycling and the little jobs and such.

And onto the marking, and the work/life balance.  I think it is ok you know.  Yes this is a silly late bus home, but we are having time off and I am coping.  Ideally, I should be settling myself into routines rather than swimming in the deep end with upheaval, but she has actually fitted into my life quite simply.  I may be in the deep end still but actually it feels like there is a float underneath me to catch me and drag me to safety if I run out of steam.  Rather than be a needy hindrance on my professional life, it’s actually being a pleasant and needed comfort from it.  The last two Sunday’s I’ve had the same thought in the afternoon that the thought of being in school the next day actually seems far away, like I’ve been away from the place, and it’ll be new to get back into the swing of it.  I’ve not felt like that before, and my mind has just so been put at ease.

All sounding rosey isn’t it?

I’ve sat for the last five minutes pondering how to put in some negatives but I can’t.  Even my fear of loneliness for her seemed mistaken, and actually she functions arguably even better than me on her own for a long time.  And I’m good at that.  She is enthralled by this city and it really seems like there is no way back for us.

The only thing I could mention is how she was late for our scheduled swim on Friday, and we both got a bit troubled by it.  As she reasoned, we were so used to our own plans that when they change and depend on each other it makes decisions so much harder.  But, we made things good, and were very happy with the outcome of going shopping.  It just took a few minutes of confusing new emotions to try and balance it all.  If that is the worst things get we are a very lucky couple.

We are in the honeymoon period of it all, but I think, as a team, it’s so great and refreshing how we complement each other.  Even I have some useful skills in being able to understand the Swedish things, find the right TV show to watch together, suggest fun plans for the day and so forth.  And then I get a tasty dinner.

Life is good.


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